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MITICA S.r.l is a building company operating from 1987, year of establishment, as part of a network that implemented many projects both as principal general contractor as well as contract manager, in this case taking care only of the implementation phase. MITICA S.r.l employed during the years experienced construction professionals both as staff members or skilled external specialists that brought their Know-how and experience in different fields (as per annexed presentation): from residential buildings to hospitals as well as touristic facilities. The main projects have been delivered during the many years of activity (in the presentation only the last 15 years are shown) via specific vehicle companies for society and organizational needs, but always avoiding to loose the know-how and the working method. MITICA S.r.l is also working in a network with some among the most prestigious architectural firms located in Milan, both in architectural as well as engineering planning all coordinated to join together the specific skills required by the specific project . The ongoing collaborations during the years is considered an added value to build a solid know-how of the company. The use of the highest quality building materials, highest finishing standards as well as innovative technology implants, always plaid a key role in the implemented projects in order to combine experience with innovation. MITICA S.r.l. operates as general contractor, trough consultants and external suppliers, which streamline the organizational structure and help the company to be effective and suitable also for work in different nation.

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